Under the Sea

9:01 AM

When I was little I had this intense fear of looking under the water. Didn't matter if it was a pool or the ocean. In fact it didn't even matter if it was real life or on television. I. did. not. want. to. see. it.

I am not sure, but it gave me the chills to see under the water.

I didn't want to see the pretty fish or the weird fish. And I especially didn't want to see the sharks. But I think I can attribute the shark thing to that Spielberg movie. The under the water thing I can't place any where.

As I got older I realized that my fear of looking under water was a bit strange and made no sense. I tried to pretend I was stronger than my fear. So I bought some swimming goggles and went off to the pool with my cousins.

In the end I made up the excuse that they leaked water so that I didn't have to use them.

And instead of overcoming my fear I got a new one: pool vents.

WTH? you may ask. Yes, I have this creepy, crawly fear of pool vents. To this day. I swim in pools but I swim as far away from the vent as I possibly can. No kidding. And I will NOT touch them. Either with my fingers or toes. And I won't use goggles. I would rather get chlorine in my eyes or better yet, keep my eyes closed and swim crooked.

I am overcoming seeing under the water when it is on the television. As long as there are no sharks I can grit my teeth through it.

But, honestly, I would rather just watch something else.

And snorkeling? Obviously NOT my sport. You can have the barrier reefs and all the weird fish!

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