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 I thought I would take you all on a small tour of the rooftops of Toulouse. 

This is a view that Principe introduced me to about a year ago when he had to park at the very top off the public parking garage and saw this view at sunset. Before then it had never occurred to us to go up there and look. Isn't it funny how all the rooftops are the same color? Does it make you want to sing, "Step in time, step in time! Step in time, step in time! Never need a reason, never need a rhyme, step in time, you step in time!"

(That is the rooftop song from Mary Poppins if you have no idea what I am talking about...)

There are very few buildings here in the center that are taller than fie stories high. As you can tell!

 No you cannot see my house in these pictures! Ha! It is close by but even though the public parking garage is a circle the front of it has a huge rectangle of office space stuck to it, right at the corner of where my apartment is. So, no, you cannot stalk me!
I love that even though the parking garage is only seven floors up you still have quite the view of downtown Toulouse. It is a typical medieval city stuck in 2013! It certainly doesn't conjure up your typical American ideas of a downtown, does it? There is modernity to this town, you just can't see it from the rooftops! Some would say that is a bit "typical French!" You have to look deeper for the modernity of it all!

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