Learn anything new?

12:39 PM

 "Mama, Do you know what?

"What, Firecracker?"

"At school, Maitress (teacher) say we cannot give a coup de pied!"

Firecracker is looking very serious with her school smock on. Queenie chimes in that Firecracker is right.

"A coup de pie is this, mom!" Firecracker says flinging her leg out in front of her. "And it makes owies!"

"And did teacher tell this to just you or to everyone?"

Firecracker looks a bit cross-eyed suddenly but decides to answer that Maitress told it to everyone.


Suddenly Queenie pipes up with tears in her eyes.

"But mom! Do you know that now I only have three marbles?"

"Why do you only have three now?"

"Because I lost them to Carla!!!!!!!!!"

Tears are rolling now but I start walking home and ignore her. Yep, again, if you choose to play marbles at recess and lose, then you lose the marbles. Plain and simple.

"And mom! Do you know what? If you talk during nap time you go au fond (to the back)!" Firecracker adds.

"Yeah, that's what happens when you talk loud in class, too," Queenie says with an all-knowing look on her face. "You go au fond."

Looks like we are learning a lot at school.

At home Little E has learned that scratching my eyes out helps her to relax and fall asleep. Alas, it does not help me relax, whatsoever.

And I learned that you cannot avoid cleaning up vomit. It does not magically disappear. And there are no vomit fairies coming to help you if you just go to bed. 

Trust me on that one.

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