Queenie's mama doesn't speak French

2:15 AM

Yesterday we were walking home from school when two little girls from Queenie's class caught up to us. They are cute little girls and rather talkative. They are not shy either!

BlueEyes was in the Ergo baby carrier, happy as a clam, but no one could see her very PINK dress on. One of the little girls asked me, "C'est un garçon ou une fille?" (Is it a boy or a girl?)

I told her BlueEyes was a girl. Firecracker told her her real name and suddenly the sister, who is a bit more boisterous, decided to shout out to her sister that she can't talk to me.


Because I am a stranger?


Because, "La maman de Queenie ne parle pas comme nous." (Queenie's mama doesn't talk like us)

The one who asked me a question looked at me and smiled. Then she asked her sister what is was that I spoke. That one had the other stumped. She she answered saying that Queenie's papa doesn't speak like them EITHER! The other one's eyes got pretty big. Queenie just smiled.

Then they turned left and we turned right. The girls said au revior and that was that.

Queenie then told me that Maitress (teacher) told everyone that she is très forte (very strong lit. could be translated as very fortunate or it is impressive that you do this. Kind of like "wow") because she doesn't speak French with her mama or papa because her mama is English (errrrr, no. but I will let it slide....) and her papa is Spanish.

Queenie was very proud that her maitress thought she was "strong". And I smiled knowing that maitress understands (at least a little) how big a deal three languages is.

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