Getting the kids to school

5:24 AM

I used to love school. Honestly, I was THAT kid. I liked learning and although the days could get long and there were times in high school that I counted down to the time I would be out of there, I liked school.

Queenie also likes school. She is lucky that we haven't had to change schools yet (as we almost moved to Germany this last winter) as she hates new places and new people. But she loves learning and school has become a safe place for her to meet friends and be herself.

Firecracker likes school. Note, I did not say "loves". She likes the social part of it but claims that she doesn't need to learn to write, that Queenie can do that for her! Good luck, Madame Valerie......(her teacher this year.)

She also loves plein air (fresh air=they go out to the parks around town and learn about nature) and also music.

She isn't too keen on the cantine (cafeteria) and constantly asks, "Today I mange on the cantine?" ("Today I eat at the cantine?")

Honestly I don't think it is so much the whole eating thing, because when I pick her up from school she is a smiles and tells me all that they ate at the cafeteria and how they were silly with their food. I think it is simply her protest of becoming bigger. Last year she only went in the morning and this year she goes all day, so eating in the cantine is a symbol of that longer day. And this is what she wants to protest.

But Mondays, while a longer day than usual, are easy to distract her when she asks her ritual morning question because she has music on Mondays. And she LOVES music. Today she took her harmonica with her to show the teacher.

And as she left the house with her papa, harmonica in hand she had forgotten all about the cantine and happily sang, "Je jeux la guitarre, avec la petite doigt." ("I play the guitar with one little finger" and then it goes on to two fingers, three fingers, so on. At least that is how she sings it!)

And tomorrow she has another music class outside of school. That is how I get her to go on Tuesday. Then the rest of the week is a bit harder. Ice cream after school? Oh, look, there's a birdy in the kitchen?

How do you distract your kids from their way of saying, "I don't want to go to school?"

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