Dear Line Budgers, (cutterss?)*

1:13 PM

To all of you who think its okay to budge in line. Let me inform you of something:


I am not so sure that this happens in the States as much as it happens here, but nothing makes me steam more.

Especially when the person figures out that you were there in the first place and then has the GALL to stay put! Errrrr.

I had this problem in Spain at the very beginning. Probably none of you who read this were around for my first blog done in Spain, but I am sure that I wrote about the old people literally slipping into the front of the line. Apparently in Spain when you are old you are allowed certain freedoms, even if it means cutting the preggers to the back of the line. The funny thing is that once I learned to shop in the morning along with all the other OLD people they would run out of young people to cut out and then would talk about how they should go first because they have fewer items or because they are in a bigger hurry! Actually, it made for some hilarious eavesdropping.

But back to France. Back to my letter:

Gah! What is wrong with you that you think you are so deserving to get out of this store quicker than the rest of us? Do you really think that the rest of us have no where else to go? Do you assume that since I am a mom and not working out of the home right now that you are so much more important? It seems to me that you  must be saying to yourself, "she has LOTS of time to wait. I can go ahead of her. Seriously, what ELSE does she have to do but grocery shop?"

And so I tell you this: "A curse upon you and all your household!"

Just kidding.

But in all seriousness, I really wish I could be there the day that you have kids and for some reason you have an urgent need to get to the store, where your kids don't want to go, but you have to go so you drag them there where they run away and hide to get back at you for taking them to the store when they didn't want to go where a snooty 20 something year old will look down her nose at you and your mismanagement of your children and then another 20 something year old guy will budge in line in front of you with his beer because his Friday evening soiree is WAY more important than you getting your kids fed dinner and into bed.

And to the Toulouse natives that don't seem to know what Metro Etiquette (subway for all you Americans) is:

You know that small space I leave between the area that the door will open in and my stroller? That is NOT for YOU! That is actually for the people who want to get out so that they can get out quickly and efficiently, making room for me to get on with my stroller and my three and five year old BEFORE the warning alarm rings and we get stuck in the doors. Because that happened to me once. Fortunately a man with eyes as big as saucers (from seeing my stroller get ripped through the tunnel in his head) pushed my stroller backwards with force. It wasn't needed, the force I mean, as the doors opened, allowing me to pull back. Instead I almost went flying between the two of us pulling and pushing and of course missed the train.

If you other travelers hadn't pushed your way ahead of me, perhaps I would have made it on without the poor guy thinking my baby was going to get drug through the tunnel and without me getting a bruise bum. Perhaps. But I guess we will never know. Not until you learn some metro manners. I lived in Chicago and Madrid, people, there are rules to traveling on the subway. Manners and rules that you don't HAVE!

Ay, you young people these days! Just remember, you will be in my shoes one day. You won't remember me, that frazzled mom crossing her fingers that she can get through the day without a temper tantrum. The mom that was proud of herself for getting mascara on today, but couldn't find the time to calm her frizzy hair. No, you won't remember me because I am but a blur in your 20 something life full of the start of a career, drinks at happy hour and boyfriend troubles that can be drowned in martinis and ice cream. But you will be me someday. Someday you will be pushed out of they way because the people around you will assume you have nothing better to do, that your life couldn't possibly be as important as theirs, and then you will write a letter and google "voodoo dolls" while your children sleep.

Mine in coming in the mail in two days. So watch out for that pain in your ass, it might just be me!

*Apparently there is a discrepancy on what the correct term is. A lot of people say "cut in line". Google opinions seem to think that "budge in line" is a term from the norther midwest. Any opinions? I am from WI so I guess that is where I would get it from. Cutting sounds so British.....)

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