Back to school, back to the rut?

1:02 PM

School officially started today!

 And it went well!

Once we got there.....

Another school year has started and we, even the first day of the new school year, are right back to our morning problems: too late, me not ready, Baby needing attention, crying, yelling, rushing....
And everyone's mood drops...

I can't believe it took us absolutely no days at all to get right back into this unhealthy routine. I blame myself. And I blame Principe. 

But instead of blaming I have decided to come up with a solution. What is said solution? 

For one it includes me getting up earlier. I need a swift kick in the behind. These are not the days to be lazing around in bed in the morning. It is my job to get the girls out the door and to school. And if they are in a good mood from not being pressured and yelled at by me, that would make it all the easier to get them to school. Or perhaps they run there because they are running away from me?????

Next I am going to put on some music. Probably Praise music most mornings, just to get me going in the right direction and to set my mood straight, but I don't think it has to be limited to that. A little bit of music should set the right, energetic tone.

Then I am going to stop hassling Principe to help out. He is busy getting himself ready and mornings just aren't his thing. And if I let go of the fact that he can't help me out and stop being such a nag about it, perhaps my mood will stay happier!

I think I will need more solutions than just these, but it is a start. I am looking for some good breakfast ideas that I think the girls will be into. Problem is I have one with a sweet tooth and one with a savory tooth and of course we must cater to both of them! Ha! Actually I am going to cater to both of them because that in itself will avoid a headache!

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