You are strong enough

4:59 AM

You can be strong enough.

While on vacation this summer I literally heard a woman say to her boyfriend, "You take the pan out of the oven in case it is too heavy for me."

I almost made a snarky comment, but that wouldn't have been nice so I picked my jaw up off the floor and simply continued making the salad.

Let me point out that in the pan was four zucchinis cut up and being roasted. We aren't talking about a 25 pound turkey here....

I don't know if it is because I grew up in the States where women have a history of being more independent or if it is because I have a personal goal of being strong, but that statement and similar ones like it kinda irk me.

It was just the day before that when I was getting the suitcases out of the car that Principe came running out of the house apologizing and asking me to hand the bags over. I rolled my eyes and asked, "Do you think you married a weak woman?"

He laughed and went to the car to get the other suitcase, leaving me with my load.

I don't mean to ever make my husband feel like he isn't a man, but there is no way I am going pretend to be feeble either.

It isn't about not needing a man around, particularly. I am not ultra feminist! Personally I don't like the women who scorn the man that opens a door for them, but to me that is more about politeness than being a strong woman.

I do like that in our culture, while we are the fattest nation on the earth, we also celebrate women who want to be fit and strong, women who can carry their own suitcase and pull the turkey out of the oven and carry two babies at once. I also love that this is not just this generation that is proud to be a strong woman. My grandmother wouldn't hear of acting like she couldn't pick up things because she was weak. In fact she used to lift weight (small ones, but still) well into her eighties. She just didn't want to be weak.

And neither do I. I want to be strong. Anyone can be skinny if they stop eating, right? But being strong takes work. Once the work is done though you get great reward: a strong back that doesn't ache, not having to say "I can't pick you up' when your child needs to be held, being able to lift something when a man isn't around and overall feeling good about yourself

And the great thing is that we CAN be strong, even after becoming moms. Studies show that after childbirth a woman can actually get into better shape than she was before childbirth. In other words, those nine months literally made your body stronger, you just need to develop that strength now!

Can you tell I have started to work out? Lol! I am getting a bit excited about it and as you may well know, I love to work out and see the results come. It has been over a month now and I am already so much stronger. So I encourage you to do the same. Just start out little by little, put aside a time of day (naptime, tv watching time, etc) and do a little.

Soon I will show you what I am doing. Once I understand how to work this editing software. Exercise for my brain now too!

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