Vacation is kickin our butts

3:22 AM

August vacay for this family is usually done in Spain with the family. Workers here in Europe get WAY more vacation days than we do back in the States. So much more than Principe is usually able to take the entire month off! Don't let your eyes pop out too much because during the year he usually puts in 12-13 hour days!
   Many of you may know that the Spanish have a whole different way of looking at the day. Their midday is around two pm. They eat lunch between 2 and 4. If they say 'let's meet in the morning' they usually mean 'around noon'. They have a snack around six and go to the park aroud seven or eight. Dinner isn't eaten until nine or ten or eleven pm. 
   Once, in Madrid, we had a reservation for dinner at midnight! They were serious!
   Anyway, it can be hard to get used to this time change for anyone, but especially for a kid. And for a baby? NOT EASY! 
Finally asleep! This poor little girl has the type of parents who think they can go out to dinner at 10pm and take her with them! Of course there was a stroller to sleep in but the noise woke her up and that is when she decided to get her revenge. A revenge called 'screaming my head off'. Do you know it? 
   Everyone in the restaurant now knows it. Everyone in the restaurant also think that this baby's parents should learn some sense!
   Oh, well. Sleep away the night as Tomorrow is another day with wine being drunk at 1pm and coffee at 5pm. 'The world upside-down' as the Spanish would say!

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