The last time I went camping

2:34 PM

We have a friend here, a Welsh friend, who has convinced Principe that we should go camping together I am not sure that it is important that you know where this family is from, but whatever. Anyway, he and his wife and kids go camping quite  bit. They did it for their honeymoon even! Gasp! All mocking aside this man has convinced my lovely husband that camping is cool and fun and should be something that we do all the time. Oh the places you can go and see for cheap! Oh, the girls will love it! Oh, you are so close to nature it is great!

I asked this friend if he knew that the last time we were in nature my husband killed a moth because it wouldn't leave him alone? I tried to tell Principe to move away from the light but he thought the moth should be the one doing the moving. Or dying.

We got together a few weeks ago with our Welsh friends and they proceeded to try and convince me to get on board with camping. I laughed. I am not a camping girl. I too, at one point about 6 years ago, caught the camping fever while reading an article on camping around America and Principe laughed me down. This time it was my turn to laugh. They still tried to convince me, so I told them about the last time Principe and I went camping. Which was also the first time.

We decided to go to the Grand Canyon with our roommates in San Diego. And we all decided to camp as we had no money. Most of our fellow roommates managed to find a suitable sleeping bag or bought one. Principe and I on the other hand decided we would just snuggle up against each other and bring two really big comforters. Besides, we were going to be 6 of us in one tent. If anything we were going to be hot, right?

We all set off on the trip. Almost to the camp ground on of our roommates was fooling around, tried to pick up Principe and instead managed to drop him on his head. He also managed to separate the bones in Principe's shoulders. So our first stop at the Grand Canyon camp ground was the Grand Canyon clinic where they took x-rays and made sure Principe didn't have a concussion. His shoulder in a sling and him on pain meds we made it to the campsite. Everything was fine and dandy, we were all having fun, drinking too much and being comical when we finally decided to head to bed. We had to hike the next, remember.

We fell asleep no problem. But then four A M came around and I woke up freezing my tushie off.  I tried to snuggle with Principe but he was awake from the cold and pain. For another hour we tried to sleep in the tent, but it didn't really work. We finally decided to climb into our car, turn on the heat and sleep in there. Once our teeth stopped chattering we turned off the engine and fell asleep. The beating sun awoke up a few hours later as well as our roommates who had a slight panic attack when they couldn't find us in the tents!

The following day was awesome and I wouldn't change the experience for the world, but there is not way I a going through that with children by my side. We just don't have the right supplies and buying the right supplies would take quite an investment. I am sure it comes out to be cheaper than hotels rather quickly, but I am still not convinces. I like private showers and privates, clean toilets. I am just not a camping girl!

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