Something my kid sister did

2:16 PM

There was something my kid sister did once. Or more than once, but around four years old was the last time she did it.

She was always so tiny that she could literally fit into anything. Even the biggest of a giant set of blocks we had. It was red. They were all missing one side so as to be used as an open box or something. Instead she would fill it up with water and "swim" in her pool.

I swear it was smaller than this:

In fact I would swear to it that the box could fit inside this one above. Seriously, my sister could have been Thumbelina, she was that tiny.

But one day as we were all outside playing she got stuck.

The other part I need to mention about my sister is that she used to be very, VERY quiet. I say USED to be in a very emphatic, yet nice, way!

So she said nothing. Or if she did say something we didn't hear her say it.

She probably remembers the whole thing as it taking ages for mom to figure out that she was stuck. Well, maybe it did though because we lived then on a huge farmhouse, my older brother and I had lost interest and weren't paying attention and my baby brother was probably taking up a lot of my mother's attention.

Anyway, at some point my mom figured out that she got stuck. Panic ensued. There was a lot of crying on the part of my sister and yelling on the part of my mother and my older brother getting soap or oil or something to slide my sister out.

She got out, in case you were wondering. She didn't grow up inside the box.

But I do remember a week or so later that she was caught trying to get into the thing AGAIN! Maybe she had studied up on the Cirque du Soleil people? At any rate  my mother stood her ground against it and that red box eventually disappeared. Shame. Would have been nice to have any actual photo of it for the blogpost!

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