Oh how time flies

1:15 PM

                My last little baby is 3 months already! And isn't she cute? The last three months have both flashed before my eyes and yet have stagnated in front of them. For this little girl I have tried my best to give her as much attention as I gave the other two when they were babies. Being the third one that isn't always possible, but the older girls are pretty good about it. Plus, this little pumpkin is such a good baby that it makes it quite possible to do without the other girls getting really jealous.

                   Queenie wanted to hold her sister today. The first time in awhile that she has asked. Her and Firecracker's favorite past time now is trying to get their baby sister to smile. She is pretty stingy with them. Much more stingy than her sisters were or are!
                  Instead this little pumpkin is quite the observant baby. Much of the time she is content to watch us with her big blue eyes. Yes! Her eyes are still blue! And I am hoping that they will stay that way. For the moment she looks exactly like Queenie did at this same age so I am thinking that the American genes are going to lose again. My last hope are her eyes....
                   They are big, beautiful eyes that see everything. She loves to watch her sisters, look at the animal stickers at her changing station, watch her mobile go around and around. She thinks that her papa is funny and gives him smiles more than she does me, but I think that is because she hardly ever sees him. Either that or she really does only see me as one big milk factory!

                 My snugly little one is growing fast! She drools like a leaky faucet and is bigger than probably all the French 3 month olds combined at the moment! But she is so pretty and so fabulously gorgeous when she does turn her lips up that I can't help but kiss her all over. Just like I had to do with the other two. Because they were all snugly and cute and beautiful. This quiet little baby of mine, so different in character than her sisters that I can't help but wonder what she will be like as she grows. Ah, but that time will come. For the moment I just need this time to hesitate in front of me as I breathe in that baby smell and wipe the drool off my shoulder.

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