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When I was growing up my mother had a two cookie rule. Each time we could have dessert we could have a total of two cookies. While I am sure we complained at some point, wanting more than two, I think it was a good rule. More than one cookie, but not an amount over the top. We were allowed two scoops of ice cream, but only one piece of cake....

There were always ways of sneaking around the rule of course, as any kids knows. You just have to be stealthy, right? I hated it when my mother would pre-cut a sheet cake or brownies that I made as it made my stealth movement harder (skimming ultra thin slices off the entire sheet cake little by little.)

I think that stealth movement was what made my mother pre-cut it in the first place....

While growing up I literally dreamed about the day that I would be grown up, master of my own house and I would be able to bake a cake and eat as much as I wanted, when I wanted. Seriously, I would lie in my bed and daydream about this. You'd think I was starving or something...

I am grown up now and while I enjoy baking probably more now even than I did before, I do not consume an entire cake in one day. While pregnant with Firecracker I did consume one in three days. All by myself.

But I am a changed woman now!

Seriously, it is lucky for me, with the sweet tooth that I have, that I enjoy exercising. In fact, I crave it. I really, really, really like it. So much so that I simply do not understand the people who claim NOT to like it. I might not like running all that much, but that doesn't mean I don't like to exercise. I am more of a HIIT type of girl, but I do intend to find a spinning class somewhere in this city. While I do watch what I eat (more now that I am over thirty than in my twenties granted) I do not follow the European woman's way of being thin: by denying yourself almost everything. Instead of being thin I want to be strong. That is my goal. I want to be able to carry my babies around. I want to be able to walk up the 49 steps with one or two in my arms and not faint. I want to be able to push a double stroller 2 miles to a really cool park. I want to be strong. And I am getting there, or adding to it daily, is more like it.

And since I am a mother now of three I don't feel guilty having cake around because there are more mouths to eat it. Sort of. We made cupcakes two days ago and Queenie hasn't eaten one yet. She prefers ice cream and says the cake is for me. Great. Firecracker has eaten the tops off of two and Principe has eaten 1/2 of one. I have eaten the other half of Principe's, the uneaten one's Firecracker left and one of my own.

I haven't lost that sweet tooth! But it is testament to being a changed woman, at least from that girl because there are still 7 left from the original 12!  (We gave one to Queenie's speech therapist).

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