10 things I am feeling right now

2:41 PM

1. Tired. All encompassing tired. But Principe is gone in Madrid and I find it hard to settle down into bed when he is gone. Plus, after all day with the girls I tend to eat my dinner alone surfing the net or watching a something on tv. We all know how time flies when we do things like that.

2. Proud. I cooked my first whole fish today. Whole fish freak me out a bit, but as I had the fish lady clean it and chop the head off I wasn't as shaky as I expected to be when I rolled the thing onto the pan. It turned out divine, by the way, and I look forward to making more.

3. Skinnier. I fit into some pants that a few weeks ago I couldn't get into. I lost 2lbs in the last two weeks and that allowed me to have ice cream for the first time this summer. And guilt free. Because sometimes you gotta live, right?

4. Disappointed. I yelled again today when I shouldn't have. I also wasted time on the internet when I had housework and writing to be doing.

5. Overwhelmed. I can't see to keep up with housework this summer. Partly do to number 4 above and partly do to just having three girls to take care of. I have been meaning to make some cookies for about two months now and it just hasn't happened!

6. Strong. My new workout routine is making me feel stronger. When I sat down on the bench today I had my hand next to my thigh as felt a muscle flex that I had never felt before. Whooo-hooo!

7. Ready. August comes in just two weeks and then I will get to see my husband for an entire month straight. We haven't really seen him lately and it is taking a toll on all of us.

8. Love. My little baby giggled today at her daddy's voice over the phone. She is so stingy with her smiles and giggles that when she lets them out I can't help but want to squeeze her!

9. Happy. July is turning out not to be as hard as I thought it would be. The girls have been relatively good and besides not having many kids to play with I think that they are relatively happy as well. They still go through the list of their friends every day and make me once again tell them that everyone is either in summer school or on vacation, but still, I think they are happy.

10. Confident. My book editing is almost done and I will get two whole weeks in August to finish. And I am totally confident that it is good and will sell. God made me a promise once and I am confident that he will keep it. I just have to get my end done first. And come the end of August, that will be accomplished!

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