Zoo ticks and Lyme's disease

4:24 AM

Holy Mackerel! What a day! I am here to say that you are never too young to learn anything. 

Today I learned something new: there are ticks in France; tick bites are dangerous; tick bites look like this when you don't know what a tick bit looks like and think it is a spider bite and treat it as such until you hear a small voice in your head saying this doesn't look right, this doesn't feel right maybe you should go to the pharmacy and ask.....

This all happened about 13 days ago when Queenie went to the zoo. She said her leg was owies because she had an itchies (those are her words). I brushed it off and went on with life. She complains about her itchies quite often, especially as we are going up the stairs. And since she cries about everything these days I usually brush her whining off. 

Then she said nothing for a few days. Then the itchies was back so I put some hydro cortisone on it. Then it got a weird circle around it. I showed it to Principe. He said it was a spider bite. I showed it to some friends of ours. They shrugged. I put more cream on it. Then this past Monday it looked bigger. I pointed it out to Principe but we agreed to give her more antihistamine. Last night she crawled into bed and said her leg was owies. That made me wonder. But again, she can be a bit of a whiner about things that are really very small so I gave her some tylenol and went back to sleep.

But I couldn't shake it this morning. Right after school (Wednesdays are half days here) we went to the pharmacy. Their eyes got very big. "No, no," they said. "Vite au medecin. Ca c'est une piqure de tique." (Hurry to the doctor. That is a tick bit)

"Tic?" I ask. "Oh, tick! Oh! Crap. Seriously!"

"C'est typique ca, le circle." (The circle is very typical) 

They were nice enough to call my doctor right then. Two hours later my doctor and her colleague are taking pictures of the bite because they have never seen one so big. They ask about the bite. Queenie tells them that something bit her, then it was still there so she picked it off and it fell on her shoe. Something she never told me. Although I am not sure I would have thought anything of it if she did....

So now she is on antibiotics for 21 days! 


Who knew a tick bite was so serious? Growing up in Wisconsin I knew that ticks carried Lyme disease but really, what are the chances of someone getting something called Lyme disease? My brothers had a couple tick bites as kids and after the fun of burning them off we never talked more about it. The fun was over. They never developed a circle around the bite. 


But hey, you learn something new every day. Check your kid for tick bites!

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