Wake up call

2:09 PM

A little tiny nose snorting through it's thick snot woke me up this morning. Along with the smacking of tiny lips and the movement that only come from a hungry baby right before they decide to start crying, wondering why mama is taking so long to bring that milk to their tummies.

The smell of a recently washed baby head hit my nostrils around the same time as the smell of the old milk that had soaked through my t-shirt that night do to a badly placed breast pad. Both smells melted my heart.

I opened to my eyes to see big blue eyes looking at me with her arms waving wildly, waiting for me to put her to my breast so she could eat. She doesn't smile yet. In fact her first real smile was later today and of course didn't have a camera on hand but I am pretty sure she will be greeting me with a smile soon.

I cuddled her up next to me as I breathed in the smells and closed my tired eyes. I listened to her suckling and snorting through her plugged up nose, reminding myself to suck out her snot as soon as she was done eating.

And then another noise started to whirl about me.

That of crying. But a cry that I am hardy sympathetic to in the morning. This was a cry for attention. Coming from Queenie. And I had an inkling about what it was.

As she stopped crying long enough to dramatically cough, then started the water works again I realized that I was, once again, right. When am I not?

Lately she cries about everything. EVERYTHING. For example, she will come sniffling into our room at 7am crying about needing to go to the bathroom, which is about ten feet in the opposite direction of our room. When we tell her to go she does. Crying all the way until she does her business and then the tears stop.

Not a fun way to wake up. In fact, her attention grabbing crying is one way that just about ruins my morning.

But my new goal is to not let it bother me. Like water off a duck's back.

So I tell her she is fine, that her cough isn't that bad. I give her a kiss and tell her to join Firecracker and her father in my bed. Then I grab my little snorter and set out to find the baby mouchoir (snot sucker-outer) all the while thinking about the big mug of coffee I wish was already made.

And that was the start to my morning. What was yours like?

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