All the things I haven't done

12:00 AM

It is 10pm again. Again. Another day gone. Two kids in bed finally snoozing away. One awake baby trying not to be convinced to go to sleep. Principe gone again tonight. Work in Madrid was calling.

It is again 10pm on another day and as I rocked the baby to sleep all I could think about was what I didn't do today.

I didn't work. Two months have gone by without me even touching my book. Two months. Yes, I have had a baby during that time, but having a baby and two other kids doesn't keep me from feeling like my book is slipping through my fingers. You can say that I will have time later all you want, but really, it doesn't make me feel any better. It really doesn't.

Today I did get a cake made with Firecracker. We made it purple. What I didn't get done was getting through the entire process without pulling my hair out. While I didn't really yell I did have to retell her not to put a spoon into the mixer while it was moving several times. And then there was the moment in which she almost dumped the flour mixture on the floor.....but I stayed rather cool. At least cooler than I have been lately....

I didn't get the laundry folded.

I didn't get the house picked up. And believe me, this house is a mess. There are just so many little things around the house. Errg!

I also didn't get the dinner made that I wanted to make. Instead it was fish nuggets and noodle soup. An odd combination, I know. But it was what I could do while holding an infant.

I also didn't get any milk today because I totally forgot while I was out and I avoid going out with all of my children whenever possible so I didn't go out again. Remember that I walk almost a mile to the store and back with a double stroller and whatever I buy hanging off of said stroller. It really isn't that easy to go with three children.

And baby is crying again. Stupid June laryngitis. I thought winter was over.

I did get a glass of wine. And I did finally sit down. But now I am getting back up again.

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