Reasons my kids are laughing

7:25 AM

Someone just said "caca" or "pee-pees"

One of them is laughing while they pretend the other's doodoo (favorite stuffed animal as in the one they sleep with) is their own. The other one is NOT laughing....

Papa made a farting sound.

They are tickling you which doesn't really tickle, but you fake laugh which makes them laugh....until it hurts.

The baby made a snorting sound which made her sound like a piggy.

The baby had gas and caca! Double reason to laugh....

Papa monster is coming to get them and bite their butts. This also includes much screaming.

Firecracker is watching old Donald Duck cartoons. "He is so FUNNY!"

They are running away from me trying to get them ready. Eventually the laughter stops as mean mama comes out....!

Someone said "caca" again, which made the other repeat it which made Firecracker start a song which led to Queenie replying to me saying, "okay, maa caca!" which made Firecracker say the same which made Queenie say it again inserting Firecracker's name, etc.

You want to change my kids' mood? Just say "Caca"!

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