One big step.

1:41 AM

Principe got a new job.

He is so excited about it because it is pretty close to his DREAM JOB (imagine lots of salivating and excited jitters as though he were a five year old boy going to his first Real Madrid soccer game). I am super happy for his as well. It is not only a step up and his DREAM JOB it also means a bit of a salary increase and the fact that we will be staying put for at least another three years.

Staying put another three years brings into focus a few things. Like: going back to French class, the girls continuing at the same school with their same friends, us getting to stay amongst our friends and eat cheese and drink wine....

It also means we have to move.

Yep. Move.

Our expat package is done soon and when it is we will be expected to pay all of our own rent. And quite frankly we don't want to pay the amount we will have to for this place. Not that we don't like our apartment it is just that we could get a mortgage and pay LESS than the rent amount. No kidding.

So within a few seconds we have decided to buy our own place. We are totally ignorant when it comes to buying a house or apartment or anything bigger than a toaster, really. Ok, we did buy our own car....

So for the next few months you will be learning along side me what it is like to buy property in France. Because every country is different remember. And France is not like the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun". We called two realtors already and got no call back. Then there are the rumors of the 10% realtor fee ad the 7% government tax and the fact that the kitchens are not installed and you start to add it all up......and......WOW! That is a lot of money.

Good thing it grows on trees here. Or should I say grape vineyards?

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