Jumping Jacks and baby number three

12:50 PM

Even after a month since giving birth it is not always easy to find oneself super happy with one's body. It isn't easy to find clothes that fit as the hips have shifted slightly, the belly has not totally calmed down back to it's original place and the boobs are usually a bit larger than they were before. If you are breastfeeding there is also the trick to finding a shirt or dress that allows you to feed your child without showing off all the extra curves you have acquired in the past few months!

I have been feeling the after-baby-woes for a bit so once I got the go-ahead from the doc I decided to start working out. Slowly, of course, no reason to rush into things. Right?


Because, you see, sometimes, even though you feel physically able to do exercise, your body is not always back to where it was. Sometimes there are certain muscles that aren't quite as fit as they were before giving birth. 

Sometimes you don't think about this until you are jumping some jumping jacks and suddenly you feel a warm liquid running down your thigh. So you stop jumping to investigate when you realize that it is urine. That's right. You are peeing on yourself with every jump that you take. Excellent. 

You would like to think that it isn't pee but it becomes rather obvious that it is, though I won't tell you how. So after only 10 minutes into your workout you go and change your clothes before bravely facing Jillian Micheals again. Good thing she is prerecorded. It isn't quite as embarrassing that way. 

And once you are satisfied with doing some cardio you quickly search for "pelvic floor exercises" on youtube before calling it a day. Because obviously there are some exercises that are more important at this point postnatal than jumping jacks.

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