I never knew there was such a thing

11:49 AM

as a quiet baby!

Seriously! I never knew that newborns actually sleep those 18 hours that all the experts say they are supposed to sleep! Because my first two never did!

It is amazing to me that I am typing this while she sleeps in her chair next to me. The mere fact that I don't have to hold her 24/7 is mind boggling, I tell ya!

As far as sleeping through the night? Well, we aren't there yet but seriously this girl wakes up, eats, burps and pretty much goes back to sleep! Around 6 she stays awake longer which makes me think I should start going to bed earlier in order to just wake up with her at that time. This has not yet happened.....but I am thinking about it!

So when I thought that my SILs were just trying to make me jealous with their baby that sleeps all the time, I was totally wrong! There ARE baby's who sleep all the time!


If this had happened every time we would be well into having our fourth......!

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