Beating a dead horse

1:05 PM

You gotta know when to stop. To give up. To leave well enough alone. Sometimes you can figure this out yourself. Other times someone has to tell you.

And even if it is your five year old saying it, sometimes you need to listen.

I am looking at myself in the mirror when I say this because it has come to my attention that I don't really know how to leave things be. I don't know when it is time to stop talking. But I was told by Queenie the other day that this is the day to stop.

You see, she has a cavity. And it has started to hurt.

That is a bad sign.

We have taken her to the dentist FOUR times. And each time she clamps up, cries, shuts her mouth and refuses to allow the dentist to do anything.

Before we go in she says she is going to be good. She says she is going to let the dentist fix it. We talk till we are blue in the face about what the dentist is going to do so there are no surprises. But nothing helps. It is almost like she has no possession over her body once she sees the dental chair.

And after a traumatic visit we all go home upset.

And eventually she cries and complains about her tooth. And I get mad, but I try to be calm and tell her that it is going to hurt until she can be a big girl and get it fixed. That she should have let the dentist work. That there is no reason to cry. That we are there with her. That is needs to be fixed, fixed, FIXED!

And through her sniffles this last time she stomped her foot and said, "MOM! Can you just stop TALKING please?"

It wasn't really a request, but an order

I shut my mouth. And I realized that I was not helping, rather I was beating a dead horse. She knows. It has all been said before. Now it is time to let it go. To be quiet. And let her decide.

I think my five year old just made me grow up a little.

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