Three years old going thirty

2:27 PM

  Principe and I are trying to do this thing called: following through on our promises. Whatever we say to the girls we hold ourselves accountable for going through with it. That means even when we don't feel like it. 

  This includes times when we think our child or children have even forgotten about said promise. We still want to make good on it. So when we promised Firecracker that she would get a birthday party with her friends we decided to go through with it. Even though her little sister is only two weeks old and I don't really have the energy our time to put together a party like I did for Queenie. I felt like a bit of a bad mother when I borrowed Minnie Mouse decorations from a friend and didn't even make party bags. I have no idea where the day goes but it seems to literally slip by me and I simply wasn't getting anything done. 

  She did get a party though and I am pretty sure she didn't notice that there were half the decorations than there were for Queenie. She had all her friends there, which really mattered and she got presents. In fact she was so much the center of attention that my little girl who LOVES to have everyone looking at her so much that she sang TWICE in front of half a restaurant to Mickey Mouse, put herself on a rest in her bed a few hours into the party because she was too overwhelmed! But he later rejoined the friends in their marathon running up and down the hallway!
  She was excited about the Minnie Mouse cupcakes that I said I was going to make for her. Except that after the party she looked at me when I asked if she had fun and answered, "Yes. But mom we not have a Minnie Mouse cake. That is not a Minnie Mouse cake!"

   And my friends, (the moms of Firecracker's friends) were great because they kept the presents low key and didn't buy ANY toys! Yes! I was excited because she really has quite a lot of toys and since her sister was born she has accumulated a few more! The hit of all the presents was more certainly the princess costume that she got. Which she claims is NOT a costume and she certainly CAN wear it to school!

  It came with a crown and gloves even! Another friend gave her a Tinkerbell locket which just completes the whole outfit, don't you think?

  Everyone thought it was hilarious that with each present handed to her she would turn to me and ask, "Mom, is this for ME?" I caught this picture of her asking as I laughed into the camera! It was pretty obvious that this was her first BIG birthday party!

   Ahh, my little girl. Once my youngest and now my middle child. My second born. The life of the party, The one who loves to talk, who will do anything to get people to laugh. The one who goes through life singing (in French, Spanish and English). The one who will play with anyone at the park who wants a playmate and yet the one who is also so comfortable playing by herself as well. The character who always has an excuse to prolong getting ready or going to bed. Who has more energy than a race horse and who can't get enough hugs in a day. My little spitfire. My firecracker. What a happy three year old you are! And oh how I love you!

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