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You would think with as AWOL as I have been on the blog that I had the baby already. But that simply isn't true. My inlaws are here at the moment and while they help out a lot, especially with taking the girls out and such, there is still so much for me to be doing. Plus I don't get my hands on the computer as much as I would like between my husband using it and his dad watching Spanish television on it. Gotta share you know!

Things are moving along, although not as fast as I though they would be. I have so much pressure in my lower abdomen that at times it is hard to walk properly. I am getting a few more contractions and I am as tired as if I ran 15 miles a day, but still no baby. I am starting to wonder if I do in fact know what I am doing.

I had so much confidence that the baby was coming early. It just didn't seem possible to have this much shooting pain and pressure and contractions. I am talking about contractions that work their way into the hip bone and wake you up during the night. Not your regular Braxton Hicks, but something that makes your eyes pop open and leaves you a bit breathless waiting for the next one to arrive. But then it either never does arrive or it arrives an hour later and then there are no more. Agh!

As I told Principe, I wish that my body would either hand me a baby or leave me alone. It isn't the time so much that bothers me. I am cool with the baby coming whenever. What I am not cool with is being so uncomfortable in the meantime. Seriously

But it would be nice to have my stomach back....

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