Mini taste of summer

7:31 AM

I am not talking about the weather, although the weather isn't too bad here. Except for the high winds that make the fireplace covers shiver and produce tears from your eyes for no reason. But at least it isn't freezing.

What I am talking about is that every 6-8 weeks French schools give us a mini taste of summer vacation by giving the kids two weeks off. That is all grand in the scheme of things if the parents are able to take off work and go on vacation, but when they are not able to, ...well, we get a taste of what the summer boredom is going to look like this year.

So, as a SAHM I have to stay at home with the girls while Principe works his behind off. At the moment he not only is in a super busy part of his job, but the company as also set him up to do a "project" which is interesting and helps your networking, etc, but in the end is just MORE work. Take this week. He is in Madrid Monday through Wednesday for the project and then has to stay on until the end of Thursday night for his regular job. We will see him on Friday. Excellent.

So our two weeks of "vacation" are filled with extra tumbling classes, a hopeful playdate or two as people actually do go out of town (imagine!) along with some doctor visits and runs to the park. Today alone we went to the Laboratoire to get my monthly blood tests done (blood tests are not done at clinics here, you have to go to laboratoires to get them done. So they do monthly tests in the states? It is a real pain, lemme tell ya!) then we went to get some breakfast as I have to go in having eaten nothing. Then we went to the little park. After an hour we went to the other park. Once the winds started getting too much sand into our eyes we decided to call it a day by running through the grocery store with the mini carts (at grandma hour, no less! Very stressful to keep my almost three year old from running over slow moving old ladies. Thank goodness they don't understand her, "Why are you not MOVing?" cries....

We got home over three hours later for lunch and a quick nap only to wake up with one question in mind: what do we do now? None of our friends can play and the wind is rather vicious to go to the park. Would't be surprised if it was closed anyway....So we have a blanket tent set up. And the piano going (it is electric) and we have all of our princess castles out. Mommy is trying not to go behind them and cleaning up the extras until a bit later. And maybe it is a good thing our OCD papa is gone this week. I'm not sure I will be able to keep up with the picking up for his taste!

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