I never...

2:25 AM

I can't seem to get anything done these days.

Does that ever happen to you? You make a list, whether mental or physical, but you never seem to be able to place a check mark on it? For some reason things are taking me extra time and they slowly but surely just do't get done.

Like, how about putting together that set of drawers for the baby. Oh, wait, I need Principe to go pick it up first and then I could put it together....

Or washing all the onsies because at this moment in time I have exactly 0 onsies for this little one who is due to come in 2 weeks! The onsies are in some box on the very top shelf of the girl's closet (the only closet in the apartment) and while I threaten to get it down myself EVERY SINGLE DAY that is apparently not incentive enough for Principe to come home before the girls are in bed so that he can rummage around their closet and get the boxes down. And then put them back up. I know, it sounds like a thrilling chore to do and it would certainly make ME want to come home early in order to be able to do it....or maybe the idea of my poor baby being half naked and the French nurses looking at us like we are child abusers would be more incentive when he/she has NO ONSIE ON!

Then there is my vision board, which seriously lies naked in the painting room. I tried to start on it yesterday and got as far as painting some letters, then realized that they needed to dry and that was that. It is frustrating and yet understandable that my five year old and almost three year old don't understand that mommy wants some quiet time to do her own projects. For them the painting room is their sanctuary and everything in it is for them. Or they decide they want to help me, which is almost worse for certain projects like a vision board.

Oh, see those crumbs all over my floor? Yeah, stop looking at them. I know I need to vacuum I swear I did it just three days ago, no, correction, four days ago, and yet it looks like I have an at-home-daycare in here everyday. Of course if I did have an at-home-daycare I would probably make vacuuming a priority. But last night a bath for the girls got priority instead. Which was necessary. Believe me.

I did manage to get a dinner on the table last night for the girls. And one that they actually ate! Yea! The night before Queenie ate out of hunger and Firecracker turned her nose up and refused to take anything but milk. Sticky Orange chicken was NOT a hit recipe. I liked it though. But that doesn't count in this house. But my little half Americans chowed down their hamburgers, carrot and homemade fries last night like teenage football players. Firecracker even asked for seconds! She obviously didn't realize the hamburgers had carrots in them.....(yes, I am THAT mom!). I have to say they were quite tasty with a bit of garlic salt and pepper.

Today I have to get to the grocery store, return a few items to another store, feed myself and Firecracker, get her back to school, go to French class, pick up Firecracker, spend half and hour doing SOMETHING and then go get Queenie before going to my PT before finally getting home. And I still have to get the floors vacuumed and possibly get some ironing done. And just forget trying to edit the book or work on the vision board or sit down. Sitting gets done during French class while this baby kicks me to the point of making me jump. All the young girls in the class look at me with wide eyes and say silent prayers that they never get pregnant when they see my large belly and painful face twitching! LOL!

At any rate, I am sure I will go to bed again tonight with the same thought as last night:

I never seem to get anything done these days!

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