Getting used to "home"

2:17 PM

Looks like we are staying put here for awhile. I am okay with that idea, as life is obviously easier staying put rather than packing up and moving. Although I really like changing countries and places, but that doesn't change the fact that it is a hard thing to do!

As I walked through the narrow center streets of Toulouse today I took the time to look up and act like a tourist for a bit in the town that I have lived for three years. Three years! If I were in the States three years would be enough to say that I "know" the town. I bet I would, too, but living in a different country (for both you and your hubby) three years isn't really enough to make it your home yet. Does that sound crazy to you? I'll tell you why:

There are just too many things that you don't know about still, because you haven't lived them.

Take school for example. The other day in French class I had to ask how sports goes around here. Do they have sports in school? How is it different from the States? Are there competitive teams? I have NO IDEA! And still have a foggy idea as my professor doesn't have kids and claims it is different in every region! Guess it is just something we will have to learn as we go!

But as I am close to going into labor, let's talk hospitals. And not all hospitals are the same, so this only goes for mine. I have one bag packed and it isn't enough. I am seriously going to show up to the hospital looking like I am ready to take a cruise! But it isn't my fault, I swear! I haven't even packed my make-up or hair dryer yet! Do you know what my suitcase is full of? Baby bed sheets, diapers, wipes, towels for me and baby, clothing, blankets, pads, soap......

Yep, they don't provide any of that stuff. Not even soap for the bathroom! Or towels! There is a brand here that usually gives out one small pack diapers in the hospital, but you must bring wipes, soap, towels, cotton for the umbilical cord......

I can't even remember what else. Which is a bit of a problem because I don't have an appointment for another 8 days and I feel like this baby is trying to dig its way out of me! Seriously, last night I went to bed telling him/her to please not come out yet. It was a rather uncomfortable night with random contractions and that feel of the baby digging out. Seriously, not a nice feeling. And not something I ever felt before! Isn't it great that all pregnancies are different......?

Anyway, as far as things go for labor there are also slight logistical problems being so far from any type of family. And not having a car. But then I suppose that all come where ever you are living. I guess the only comforting thing is understanding the language if you have to get an ambulance or if your water breaks in the store. I understand French quite well, but I still make mistakes and I can imagine that in the moment I won't be thinking totally clearly or have the necessary vocab to communicate. That is when you start feeling like a twelve year old because, well, there is no other way to feel!

At any rate, that is just one of those weird day dreams you try not to have but can't help having the closer you get to "the date". I really hope my water doesn't break in the store. Or at the marker in front of the Muslim men who sit on the sidewalk having tea together. That wound't be pleasant. I have a feeling they would be more nervous than me! I just hope I get to next week.

But in case I don't I now have fresh, frozen scones in the freezer because that is another cultural problem for me: the fact that the food in the hospital is so little and not "rib sticking" and there are no restaurants for miles around! Erg! And no, you cannot get delivery to the hospital here. That would cause quite the uproar! That's the French for you!

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