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With a five year old girl and a soon-to-be-three year old girl my days seem to be filled with arguments. Seriously.

Girls are so bossy and when they don't get their way they start to argue. They raise their voices over each other, or over me, in an effort to be heard. And if that doesn't work they resort to screaming. Well, Firecracker does anyway. Queenie yells, but eventually cries and her ears hurting once her sister gets to the decibel of a fire engine.

I witness quite a few of these a day. Especially now that we are on break (Monday can't come soon enough!) and I am even a part of some of them.

The last few that I witnessed?

One involved a box of 12 block books that Queenie was sure Firecracker had no idea how to put back in the order that she decided they needed to be in. So she screamed and cried that Firecracker needed to find other books to read. My part was to convince Queenie that Firecracker does indeed know the order (as Queenie has shown both of us very specifically several times) and that we have always shared all books so Queenie needed to back off. That didn't really stop the screaming or yelling so then I got to start a bit of threatening, which included telling Queenie that if she didn't "cut it out RIGHT now" she would NOT get a book read to her, and that she WOULD go straight to bed. She stopped crying long enough to get her book read, then sulked in the corner while Firecracker and I read the board books. YIKES!

The almost nightly fight that I witness is one directed to me. Firecracker vs. Me. And it is all about brushing teeth I guess I get to say that I win as her teeth DO get brushed once I pry her hands off her face and somehow wrap my arms and legs around her in a way that puts her in a strong hold but hopefully doesn't hurt her. But at the same time I feel like I lose too because she still manages to scream bloody murder for 15 minutes and make the bedtime routine something I don't look forward to. I am crossing my fingers that this all magically gets better the moment she turns three.

You wanna tell me otherwise?

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