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I like surprises. My hubby not so much. But I like the idea that I this last baby is a surprise for us. We have no idea what the gender is (although Principe is suddenly convinced that the baby is a boy!) and I find that super exciting. At times when we are shopping or getting the hospital bag ready I see the inconvenience of not knowing what gender the baby is, but that isn't going to get me to change my mind about the matter!

But one thing that I don't like about pregnancy is the surprise factor on when in the heck the baby is going to decide to come! We went to see my OB yesterday and he got to finally say the famous words, "Baby is in position. Could be today. Could be two weeks from now."


So as I walk the streets of Toulouse and I get strange pains or a stronger Braxton Hicks I always wonder. By now I know what is a real contraction and what isn't so I know that I don't need to stop walking or don't need to get home right away, but there are certain pains I have never felt before with my other two that some days make me wonder if they will turn into something....

....but they never do.

And then there are the contractions at night which make my stomach muscles cramp and wake me up, leaving me to try to go back to sleep before the sunrises. At least my inlaws came yesterday. I no longer have to wonder if I will need to call a friend in the middle of the night or not!

But as Principe tries to organize his suddenly VERY busy schedule at work and we watch the days go by, seeing Firecracker's birthday creep closer and closer, we both wonder what exactly is going to happen. I would have loved for the baby to come a bit early just to give some breathing room between birthdays (I am technically due the day after Firecracker's birthday), but that is looking less likely by the day. And then with the Easter weekend coming I would rather not go into labor. I don't know about the States, but here in Europe things are at a minimum (not technology, obviously) on holidays. Like my doctor being gone skiing in the Pyrenees. And then the weekend after that is Firecracker's now I am almost hoping that the baby will either come out tonight or stay put for another two weeks!

Of course I don't get to decide. It is a surprise. And I should like that....right?

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