6 Things I never learned in School

1:31 PM

1. How to get an exact price on a sale item. Especially if it is something strange like 35% off. That frustrating job was left for my husband. And it only took him about 20 times to get it through my head. Still, have to give him the credit for it.

2. How to open a European door after leaving a key in the key hole on the other side. Yeah, doors here are weird and have no knob on the outside of them. They open from the outside only with a key. But if a key is left in the hole on the other side of the door the key doesn't move from the outside. There is no way to open the stinking door at that point without paying a locksmith 100Euro.

3.How to get oil stains out of clothing. Or deodorant stains. I pretty much just spray the crap out of my clothes and hope for the best. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't......
4. How to deal with other parents staring at my temper tantrum throwing child without feeling embarrassed. This happens more in France I think. Especially because I always feel that it is only validating their opinion of us American's as not being proper parents......
5. How the heck energy is stored. I just sort of ducked my head during that part of physics and hoped for the best. In fact, I pretty much did that for the entire class. Now when all the engineers in my hubby's family talk about important things like green energy conservation I have to duck my head and hope they don't ask my opinion.

6. How to get through grocery shopping with a two year old without tearing my hair out. Oh, you know those large carts we have in America that somewhat keep our children trapped while we run through the aisle, yeah, here we only have tiny ones that don't hold a toddler in the front and are so low to the ground it almost invites them to climb in and out. As if you are giving them a playground while you shop. Not very effective AT ALL!

I'm sure there are many more things I never learned, but we will leave those for another day!

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