What is the plan?

1:54 PM

When you don't live near any family and there is a baby on the way, normally you should have a plan.

It would be a good idea, anyway.

The plan at the moment is to wait until the doc tells me I need a plan. Right now he keeps telling me that there is no indication of baby coming early. The baby is tightly shut up in there to the point that he told me to go skiing. Until I told him I have been skiing 4 times in my life. Then he said maybe I shouldn't go but that I should let my hubby go. I said thanks for that, sir, I'll send my kids to you for the weekend. He laughed like I was kidding. I wasn't.

There is no reason for me to go early. All those pains and aches I am feeling are just normal. Not signs of early delivery.

But sometimes I just like to imagine what would happen if suddenly baby decided to come outside of the plan.

And you know what would happen? Chaos.

One of my friends here just had a baby. So in case of needing someone to take the girls she is out. Then there is that friend who loves her own kids but....doesn't really know what to do with other people's kids. Then there is the friend who is preggers and has the worst pregnancy in the history of all pregnancies. Probably not a good choice. There is one friend that would be good, but her hubby travels so much there is a 50-50 chance of getting her when he is gone.

What is the big deal? Well, we all live near each other but this is the city and everyone goes to different schools. Yes, they could skip school but then you have to deal with what to do with 3-4 children on any given day with two of those children not used to spending the night at other people's houses and not knowing what is going on with their mommy. Remember, no one has a backyard. And no one has a car.

Then there is the chance that even Principe would be out of town these days. Last week he was gone for four days. This week he will be gone for three.

So while I am daydreaming about getting this baby out and having the pains go away....I remind myself that that is just not a possibility. Because if my water suddenly breaks the chances of me deciding to have the baby at home because my husband is no where near me and I can't find someone to take my kids is rather a big chance. And I don't really want that to happen.

So, what is my plan?

????? Not to go into early labor. That is the plan.

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