So commercial!

7:50 AM

  Valentine's Day isn't really a big deal in Europe. The kids don't celebrate it in their schools, there are no special mini boxes of candy to buy at the grocery store and there are no candy hearts with corny phrases on them! These Europeans have no idea what they are missing out on!
   Some people do celebrate. The newspaper here in Toulouse found that around 45% of people in couples celebrate. Not too much. The concept of celebrating with their children is completely foreign to them.
   The stores here that profit are the flower stores and the high end chocolate stores, as it is a holiday celebrated by couples and mostly celebrated by couples older than 35! Funny! I tell you, it was super hard to find something little for the girls that didn't cost a fortune just to celebrate the holiday. I thought about buying these cute little heart cacti....but they are $13 dollars each and we tend to kill plants in this house....
   Anyway we were talking yesterday, or rather I asked my French class what their thoughts were on Valentine's Day. The Europeans were all like, "It is so commercial! It is just a day to sell stuff. Made up by the chocolate and flower industry!"
   The girls from China were cool with the day about eating chocolate, but again, they said it was something more celebrated in the big cities with couples. They were very interested to hear about it being celebrated between parents and their children and then children in school in the states.
   Personally, I wanted to laugh at the European students (all about 10 years younger than me, so let's place them all at that moment in life when you think you know everything and it is the coolest to be against commercialism vocally as you show your friend your latest shopping find....!). We could all argue that every single holiday is commercial, no? It all depends on what you make it out to be. Personally I could care less about some diamond earrings (although, Principe, if you are reading this and that was the first thing on your list, go with your instinct, babe!). But it isn't all about the amount of money that you spend, is it? A homemade card telling how much you love someone is sometimes even nicer than something store bought. Bottom line, make an effort!
   And a holiday where we all stop to specifically tell people that we love them? What is wrong with that? If life were perfect we would make sure everyday to say that to each and every person that we love, but sometimes those three little words get lost in the shuffle of going to work, school, practice and everything in between. So, to have one day where we are surrounded with the reminder to speak love? I think it is a great holiday. I think we should all look a little bit past the "commercialism" and just remind ourselves to say "I love you."
  Everyone always needs a little more love, no?

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