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1:24 AM

Mama's Losin' It

I like to take up hobbies. All the time. All my life I have started to learn things with the best intentions.....

Let's just say it is a good thing for my hubby that I like things organized too and apartment dwelling doesn't go well with starting new hobbies all the time....

That said it hasn't kept me from buying some pieces of furniture that I was going to refurbish with some wax and some sandpaper and some stain. One of those pieces of furniture is half sanded, still unstained and still unwaxed. The other one hasn't been touched.

It also hasn't kept me from starting to crochet and I blame Pinterest for that one! I finished one blanket. And started another. And bought a lot of yarn....A LOT! Haven't touched it all since last summer....

I was going to learn Russian. Signed up for classes, bought the books. I can say three words, "Da," ummmmmmmmmmmmm, okay, maybe only one.

Mosaics sounds like a really cool thing to get into. This one I started back when I was 19. Because I had no idea that I would be moving to Europe and so was thinking about all the cool patio furniture I could have decked out in tiny pieces of specifically placed glass. My grandmother took me to a store and let me buy a bag of tiny pieces of glass. My first project was going to be a tray. Eleven years later I handed the bag of glass to my sister and told her to go for it. I bet in another 11 years she will give it to her daughter and so on.....

I did learn how to sew and sewed quite a bit when I was a teenager. I used to even redo pieces of clothing like you see on Pinterest now. Quite a few pieces I made were lusted after by my friends, quite a few were not. At any rate that all went down the tube when I moved out and no longer had the room to sew. My sewing machine is now sitting in the corner with no table for it and I curse the pieces of fabric I have spent money on only to let them take up precious room on my shelves!

There is one hobby that I started that I have kept going at because I really do like it and while at first it didn't take up too much room it now takes over about a fourth of the playroom: scrapbooking. But I am pretty sure my hubby would have preferred that one to go by the wayside too whenever he looks at my high disorganize (in his eyes, in my eyes I know where everything is....most of the time) table. He just closes the door and sighs with relief that I gave up on all the other things....!

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