My doc said I could!

9:30 AM

     This is me at 31 weeks now. I would say "only nine weeks to go!" but my other two were late so I am being a bit realistic and telling myself that this one will be a week late as well!
      31 weeks and yes I am in my workout gear. It is interesting the things that have changed in just the last six years since the first time I was pregnant. When I was pregnant with Queenie no one wanted to say anything about how much you could workout. My doc was a bit of a wuss also and didn't want to give me any advice. I was super healthy and fit at that point, taking 2-3 spinning classes a week and doing pilates as well, but I slowly lost it during the pregnancy. I did start an aerobics class around 6 months along but that finished before I was 8 months along and from then until the delivery all I did was walk. Which isn't bad....
      Of course, with the first one I was able to lose the baby weight quite easily. In Madrid I didn't have a car either so everything that I did was on foot. Besides I was breastfeeding and once Queenie turned one we joined a gym and I was back into spinning and kickboxing.
      When I got pregnant again I kept up the gym stuff, just didn't do spinning. But our membership ran out five months into my pregnancy and we moved here. And here I had nothing. While I was still walking and doing some videos that I had it wasn't really enough. The weight was a lot harder to lose. It wasn't until after Firecracker was born that I found a goldmine in, which is now defunct. You Tube at that point still didn't really have full videos, they were more like previews into the stuff you could order. I did lose much of my weight, but that was mostly do to me ordering INSANITY last year and working out like a crazy person!

  When I got pregnant again I found that many things had changed. You Tube is now full of channels with full-length exercise videos and some are even willing to give advice to pregnant ladies! I also have a doctor who, as long as my cervix is closed, has no problem with me working out. I love him! After all the hard work I did with INSANITY I just didn't want to start from scratch after the pregnancy. It is too energy consuming. With three kids at that point I want to already be half-way in shape, otherwise it just won't work. I want to start INSANITY again this summer and I need to not be a lactic acid mess the first few times I do it!
   I know that I look a bit silly being so huge and in my spandex but I am at home. And yes, I do fell silly sometimes with my big belly doing push-ups and high knees (I sometimes laugh at myself in y reflection!) but I am determined to keep it up. Granted, I don't workout like I could before, but I can still do a medium-impact, 40 minute kickboxing routine and still continue with a pilates video and not fell out of whack at the end of the day. Okay, I am tired by 9pm, but that is a combination I think! Of course, I have to admit that being sore and pregnant isn't fun. I tried a new butt video a few weeks ago and had trouble squatting later that night during my early morning bathroom run! Wasn't really enjoying it at 2am! But I think the benefits will pay off in the end. Especially as I still have those 49 stairs to climb and soon it will be with a baby in the wrap and a three year old in my hand!

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