Monday Listicles: Why did I have that?

2:41 AM

 1. It slices and dices and makes cutting kiwis super easy....And it is German made. It also cost us 20Euro to be used twice before falling behind the counter. Now it just collects dust while I cut ll of my veggies with a regular, old knife. Not even German-made

 2.Teeny-bopper books in French because I thought that the easier grammar and vocabulary would help me learn French better. What I didn't take into account was that my complete and utter lack of enthusiasm for the plot and characters would make me put it down and never pick it up again.

3. A step machine that oly cost 50 Euro so I just HAD to have it because it was going to give me a Brazilian butt! But the heart monitor broke the second time I used it and the eventually I noticed that the steps only rose about half an inch off the floor, which didn't really work any muscle in my butt. Or body for that matter. It now sits there waiting for the day I get around to recycling it.

4. A wok. It is freakin' huge and I never use it because the only place that I can store it is up on a shelf that is so high up I need a chair to get the wok down. So it just sits there. At least it was more of  hand-me-down from my MIL and I didn't spent money on it!

5. I decided to bring over my mini sewing machine because I was going to get back into sewing. After living in a tiny apartment in Madrid, this apartment here looked huge to me and I thought surely I could find a nice corner for my sewing machine to always be up. But that just isn't the case. Apartment dwelling is apartment dwelling. Unless you live on 5th Ave there probably isn't a place for  sewing machine to be up all the time. No matter how mini it is. So now it stays in it's box underneath the high chair.

6. The xyron. I saw it second hand and dreamed up how much fun it would be to make my own stickers for my scrapbooking. But the then I received it, realized that the adhesive was expensive and only sold in the US and then realized that glue worked just as well. Queenie used it until the adhesive ran out and now it just collects dust.

7. With as much stuff as my kids have to color on you wouldn't think I would get them a white board, but here it is, behind the playroom door. It was a leftover from Principe's office revamp and he and I both agreed that it would be the coolest thing to have. Apparently our kids prefer paper...

8. Frames. I get them on sale and have an entire half of a chest dedicated to them. That is precious space for an apartment dweller with no closets! But I can't resist a good deal and you never know when you will come across something you want framed....right?

9. I have half of a pajama drawer dedicated to lingerie. It is so pretty and silky and smooth and the girls in the pictures looks so sexy isn't too practical in real life, is it? Especially with little kids. Any spare moment that a hubby and wife might have to sneak in some lovin' rarely allows for extra time to get silky, sexy. There just isn't time. But I keep buying it....

10. I like plants and I love the idea of having tons of them around my house being all pretty and smelling wonderful. Trouble is I can't seem to keep them alive. Seriously. A friend suggested I get fake ones. And I just might. Once I learn to stop buying the real ones....

Et voila. My Monday Listicle.

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