Dear Baby,

12:03 PM

 I don't know much about you right now, except that your four chamber heart always makes the doc say, "that is beautiful"and that you get get the hiccups about five times a day and that you are already really active.
  I don't know if you are a boy or a girl. I don't even know your name yet so the only thing I can call you is "little baby".
   But there are a few things that we needs to straighten out. First of all, stop kicking me. Especially when I am trying to walk. You send shock waves through my lower abdomen that are unpleasant.
   Now, to get to the part about your toes being down. That is another problem. We need those toes to move. Apparently they are where your head is supposed to be. I know that technically we have seven more weeks but the doc is giving you only TWO weeks to get that head in the right position. Personally I would feel sick being upside down for weeks at a time, so I feel ya, but apparently this position should't bother you in there with all that amniotic fluid. So do the right thing and flip. You are already moving around like a toddler wound up on chocolate, might as well use that momentum to get into position.
   Now, so far all of my babies have come out rather fat to begin with and your sister Firecracker had a rather large head that wouldn't come out on its own, but you are the only one who has gotten my really low-key, chill OB who allows me to eat sushi and do kickboxing in the third trimester to already make a comment about your big head and body. And we are only at 33 weeks. Do you see where this is going?  I am sorry to tell you that you might want to lay off the Cheetos and pick up a carrot. Or wait, I guess I should be looking in the mirror for that one....
   So let's talk about delivery. First of all please do not decide to come out while I am shopping in the market. The last thing I need is to have the entire market place surrounding me and shouting while I have water running down my legs. The market is quite far away from the house and I am not sure I would be able to make it home by myself. Then there is the chance of spoiling all the nice veggies, fruits and meats that I buy there. So let's just not do that. I always tell you where we are going so just remember, "Market=no coming out."
  I would like you to wait until your Yayo and Yaya are here. They are coming by the middle or end of March, depending on what the doc says. You will know them by the way they speak: in Spanish. I know that papa speaks like that too, but you will notice a difference. Mainly because you will be hearing it during the day when they are here and not just at night.....
   And when we get to the doc's office and you hear him say "push" that is your cue to try and think "little". Try really heard to get that head through. I promise that once your head it through it is easy-peasy from there. And once you are out you have a warm papa and mama to hold you and coo at you. So, please just try your best to allow your head to be squeezed out. I am sure it isn't the best feeling in the world, but we all have to go through it, you know.
    We don't know if you are a girl or boy. We have our secret hopes, but we don't like to mention them too much just in case you are the opposite one. Either way we will be ecstatic to have you here. Really. Especially me as I am not sure how much more I will be able to walk with this large of a belly It seriously defies gravity. Craziness.
  Otherwise you are doing well. I am glad you have everything where it should be and growing like it should. That is excellent news. And hey, a big head just means more brains, right? Your sister has one too and she still manages to be too cute to handle!
   But I am serious about the kicking!

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