5 Random facts about us

7:49 AM

1.Principe has a 44 shoe size, I wear 41, Queenie wears 30 and Firecracker wears 27. Those are European sizes. Don't ask, cause I don't know.

2. Only two of us were born in the same country:Principe and Queenie. (Spain). I was born in New Mexico, which many people in Europe think is equivalent to Mexico and Firecracker was born in France.

3, Principe studied martial arts for years before he became a runner. I studied dance before I became....a stay-at-home worker outer.....

4. Principe is never on time. He doesn't understand the concept. I am always on time or early unless I am with him. Queenie is learning to tell time. And Firecracker could careless unless it is bedtime and then she will throw a fit about not being able to wear her dress to bed.

5. Principe and I are both from families of 4 children, unless you count all my step brothers...but those are recent. We thought we would carry on the tradition, but decided three was enough.

These random facts about our family are brought to you by Mama Kat!

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