Word of the day: Tired

12:26 PM

 I know, I know. Being tired is the name of the game when 30 weeks preggos. But the thing is that I am so tired that this week I have sleep eight hours each night (not including the wake ups that I had to either pee, comfort a dreaming child or get rid of a charlie horse) and yet three times this week I have fallen asleep while waiting for Principe to get ready for bed WITH THE LIGHTS ON! One night

One night I fell asleep and woke up 15 minutes later mad as hell that he had turned on the lights. Apparently he hadn't turned them on, they had been on the whole time! Good thing I have a husband who doesn't take my yelling too seriously.

Another day I was editing my book when I found myself typing with my eyes closed! Quite the talent, let me tell you! I have no idea that I was such a good typist! It didn't last long, as you can image. Eventually I had to go to bed. My fifteen minute nap turned into an hour...and I was still exhausted when I woke up!

I don't know. This time around I even have my little girls in school for half the day and I am still exhausted. Granted, Firecracker has started to show signs of having problems with the pregnancy and while my new year's resolution is to be more patient, it is hard when all she does is scream at me to "GO AWAY!" Oh, no, I'm not kidding. I think she has been in the corner five times today. Talk about TIRING!

So, I have ten more weeks, probably eleven as far as my other pregnancies have gone and I wonder exactly how I am going to do it. How does my cousin do it who has SEVEN children? I ask you, what is going on with me that I am so tired? Ay, guess that is a state that isn't going to change for awhile, is it though? As we still have to get through the labor and breastfeeding stage. And it is so helpful that Principe will be gone next week for four days and for four days again the next week. Excellent.

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