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12:22 PM

We went to Disneyland Paris!

It was truly an awesome adventure that started out as something that Queenie didn't want to do. It is unusual the kinds of things that my kids don't really know about. Here, no one talks about Disneyland. There are no commercials about it. The other kids don't talk about it. Of course, maybe that isn't true closer to Paris, but here in Toulouse we are the first of our friends to go. We really thought it was now or never, with never being in the sense of wait another three years until this little one coming out in April is old enough to appreciate it. Yes, yes, there were certainly families there with babies, but I just don't want to go with a baby. Seems more stressful. So I went pregnant.

Did you know you can't go on the teacups while preggos? Who knew?

BUT you can go on the It's a Small World AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!

We went on it about 7 times due to that look on Firecracker's face. They absolutely LOVED it!
We also had to walk through the castle first thing in the morning!
The problem with our timing is that early January was really the only time we could go. Due to vacation time and then flat out weather. Then comes March, which would have been okay but was cutting it too close to the baby delivery in early April. So January it was.

As you can see, the girls had to wear boots. It rained lightly on and off two of the days and never dried out. One of the afternoons it was quite cold to stay out all the time so we had to look for shows and grab a coffee. That day we decided to finally break down and buy them their present that they played with while Principe and I drank our coffees and regrouped. We realized that kids have a need to PLAY. They loved being in Disneyland, but there are moments when they just need to play!
 We did well in our book of not buying ANYTHING more than one item per child. We bought a food package which ended up being a little too much. Because it is winter and the days are shorter, the park closes earlier. The parade is at 5pm and the fireworks at 7pm. While for little kids this is actually excellent timing, it was not good timing for eating. After eating a buffet at 1pm, the last thing we wanted to do was eat again at 6pm before the park closed. So that was a little weird to plan. We, Principe and I, felt full all the time. I think when we go again we will do picnic lunch. Of course, that would require better it is tricky.

There were also some rides not available. It being low-season and all Disneyland took the opportunity to fix some 10 rides and areas. Bummer. Well, really there were only 4 out of the 10 that we would have gone on anyway, due to the ages of the girls at the moment.

The only other complain that I had, which really just came more as a surprise was the service and quality of the hotel. Because it was a Disneyland hotel that we stayed at I expected American service. Be forewarned: it is an American company but this is EUROPE! Expect nothing less than European service.

While they were nice, they were no overly nice. And it took quite a few times of asking the same questions in different formats to get them to explain the food coupon thing properly. Of course after they talked to me like a child who can't understand what they are saying!

While they were always ready to come fix the things broken, the problem was that there were things broken in our room! No new cups were ever given, they had NO LOTION in all the hotel (what the heck?) and the breakfast was average. But then, none of that really mattered in the long run. We were in Disneyland for crying out loud!

It was awesome and we want to go again. The girls, Firecracker especially, keep asking when we are going! Not for a few more years! But this time I want to go to the one in Florida. Time to start saving!!!!!

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