So very French

10:18 AM

The other day I walked into the language school where I was about to start my first day of yet another language course. French intermediate to be exact. It was the first day of the course so I went to the "accueil" (office) and waited a bit. There was a lady sitting at the desk but she didn't budge. Some people came and left and soon it was the exact hour of the start of the class. I realized that perhaps I was supposed to know where to go so I approached the lady sitting at the desk that said "information".

She looked at me with a smile on her lips as I explained that I was there for the start of French intermediate. She nodded. I asked where it was. She pointed to the bulletin board with a smirk, as though trying to say,"You should know this."

I look on the board and find my name. And the words "Salle 7" (room 7). I asked where it is. She points up without looking up from a piece of paper.


I leave the area and follow signs with the name of the school until, after going up two winding staircases ad through three doors, I find Salle 7.

You either gotta laugh at the typical French way of doing things or you get too frustrated. Don't expect American customer service here!

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