New Year's Resolutions?

4:49 AM

We are seven days into the new year and I am just now getting around to writing out my NYRs. I almost didn't write them out, I almost just let it go and shrugged it off, but then I listened to Terri Savelle Foy and realized that she was right: those who never write out their goals rarely accomplish them. I think that is true especially for moms. We have so much going on in our heads that if we store out goals in their too they are bound to get lost in the shuffle of what to make for dinner and how to get Firecracker to wear something other than her butterfly dress.

I am going to write out my goals in three different places. Actually, four. Here on the blog...but let's face it, I rarely go back to see what I wrote four months ago so while it IS writing them isn't going to help me stay focused. So I am going to write them in my diary also. The in my agenda as I set out a timeline for certain things (mainly writing my book and query letter, reminders of when baby is due, how much time I have left,, when to start looking for agents, etc. It isn't to get me stressed out, I simply don't want the last 13 weeks of pregnancy to slip by me without getting the first book edited, the query letter polished and some agents scoped out.) Then I am going to post them up on my craft table and on my vanity mirror. For visual reminders.

Here goes:

First book edited by end of February.

Query polished by mid-March.

Book signed this year.

Second book re-edited by end of summer.

Third book finished by Christmas.

Start another blog, but magazine style to possibly move it into an online magazine. The theme will be Expat, but will be inclusive to everyone.

Exercise wise I want to start the year by not letting my guard down even though I am moving into the third trimester. My goal is 3-4 time a week. Once the baby is out and I have the go-ahead from my doc I will start INSANITY again. Probably in June. But the point is to never actually STOP. I don't want to start from scratch with three children in tow. By next Christmas I want to be back down to 67 kilos.

Family wise I want to stop allowing my own selfishness to get in the way. When I stay up late to watch tv or read, I don't want to have less patience the next day. I stayed up late: my fault.

I also want to work on not getting annoyed so easily with Principe. I don't want to get into a marriage slump.

In other words I want to get better at walking in love, especially with my family.

Now, I have to take into account that a new baby is coming in April, my mother is coming in May, we will probably (95% sure) be moving to Germany in July and my father is coming to visit in September. So...the year is pretty full already! But I think I can get this stuff done. Besides those goals I want to actually finish Firecracker's blanket and keep up with my scrapbooking. Phew!

What about you all? Link up your posts on your NYRs!

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