Dilemma of 28 weeks

8:08 AM

I woke up earlier than the rest, rolled out of bed and trudged to the bathroom. My right ear was ringing and my nose was so clogged that I could no longer sleep. Now in vertical position the snot was threatening to roll onto the floor before I could get to a kleenex. Why didn't I just keep some by my bed? Oh, that's right, I was too lazy to get up again last night to get them. Hmmm.

I make it to the bathroom, grab the kleenex and blow. Oh, that feels better. Wait. What is that? Hold up.

SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I just peed my pants!

As fast as I possibly can I pull down my pants and sit on the pot to relieve myself. My panties are wet. So are my pajama bottoms. I cannot believe it! I sit on the pot, looking in disbelief at my clothes.

Stupid keegles. Stupid, worthless keegles.

Only 13 more weeks until the baby comes out. Then add another month to that to heal and all that.

So, by mid May blowing my nose should no longer be a risk. Or coughing for that matter.

The joys of being pregnant.

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