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Newborn babies who have colic usually start crying in the evening for no reason. Well, isn't that what colic have-way is: a name we give to those babies who have gas and cry like they wish they were still in the womb but we really have no plan or advice to give you because we don't know that there is actually a problem, etc.

I think I have colic.

Besides the gas part. But we could replace that with a large baby in my belly keeping me from reaching my shoes, sitting with my legs together, picking up my children without discomfort, sleeping in a good position, sitting for any length of get the point.

Plus, come evening time I really just want to lie down and either scream or cry.

I am pretty sure Firecracker and Queenie feel the same way as one of them or both of them choose the evening to whine, complain and yes, CRY about minor things.

"I don't want to take a bath! I will take one tomorrow!"

"You will take one tonight!"


"I don't want chicken, I want chocolate!"

"Eat your chicken and you can have chocolate for dessert."


Seriously. That seems to be my evening. Of course, there are times that I can talk them into not crying, but that very fact sometimes makes me want to cry. Between making dinner and helping them with their projects or puzzles, getting in baths, doing nighttime routine, etc, I don't have time for tears or even to talk them out of tears!

Maybe instead we should just all cry together.....

What is it about evenings?

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