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12:38 PM

We received a report back from the Speech Therapist this week. She has to send them in periodically to "prove" Queenie's need for continuing. The report gets sent to the pediatrician and to us. The end result being that everyone is satisfied that she is improving but also understand that she needs to continue.
  The report was interesting to read. It took a look back to last February when Queenie started and how she was. In fact it looked back to the meeting between just us (her parents) and our ST. She noted in the report that we were "frustrated" and "nervous" about Queenie's behavior and inability to speak correctly.
   It is funny how when times passes by and things actually get better how quickly you forget how bad things were. You know?
   As I read the report my mind wandered back to just less than a year ago when we finally got the pediatrician to sign off on speech therapy and we found one close by who takes kids. That whole process took about two months, with Christmas in between. Not bad, in the end. I remember walking to the therapist's office, Principe and I reminding each other about things we wanted to tell her, feeling like we were painting the worst painting of our child ever...but honestly wanting to lay it all out on the table. We want this to work. We wanted success, because we were convinced that speech therapy was essential to our little girl's well being.
    The classes started with Queenie not saying ONE WORD to the therapist. In fact she would ignore her altogether. This lasted about a month. Then she slowly started to talk to her, but insisted that the ST talk in French, NOT in Spanish. Okayyyyyy.
   After two months not only was Queenie fully potty trained but she was entering the office alone, without her papa. And then it became okay for me to take her, with her entering alone and me waiting.
  It was an interesting journey. And along the way we have seen such growth in her confidence, in her ability to make eye contact, in her ability to communicate better, in her behavior, etc. It has really been a God send. Seriously.
    It was just today that I read the report. And just today I watch something interesting happen between her and a classmate who we see in passing right before tumbling class. He, even though he is Spanish, spoke to her in French. His french is impeccable, but not all kids who are bi-lingual have speech problems. Firecracker sure doesn't. I digress. He spoke to her in French. She understood but still has a hard time making the right sentences come out in French. So instead of speaking she smiled. I realized that she was being shy due to the language she I told her to say 'hola' to her friend, reminding her in a way that he speaks Spanish also. The boy immediately switched languages and while Queenie was still a bit shy, she did start to respond to him a little.
    Interestingly enough she has learned a way to use body language more than spoken language still. She smiles broadly, or stands beside a friend to show interest. She points or nods or laughs out loud. They play a game called "lobo cogelado" (frozen wolf) or so says her friend because Queenie doesn't tell me anything! And quite honestly it wouldn't surprise me if she did tell me just not in a way that I understood what she was talking about!
   But there is no complaining from this mama! Not this time! We have seen a change for the better and am interested and eager to watch her blossom into the full speaking girl we know she will be! Then we will have to get rid of that body language before teenage hood sets in! LOL!

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