Sick all weekend

11:01 AM

I started getting sick again late last week, which was really, REALLY bad timing. We had plans for the weekend which included people coming in from Spain to spend four nights here, so obviously I resisted getting sick as much as I could.

My willpower is not that strong though. Especially when my husband keeps asking me how I am feeling every two minutes with this hopeful look in his eyes that I was going to magically feel better....all the while being a MAN and not getting it. By not getting it I mean not coming home at a decent time from work, not automatically doing the laundry, not praising me for how much I got done WHILE sick but instead complaining that the house was not in shape for guests (and while he then turn around and says he is blaming everyone, not just me, I can´t help but take it personally), etc, etc.

Needless to say, my attitude toward him wasn't too good this weekend. And he noticed. We didn't cancel any plans and I ended up running myself into the ground.

Today I cancelled my plans and stayed in bed. My energy level is so much better. I still have a nasty cough but I don't FEEL as sick.

All I needed to do was sleep it out.


So now that my energy level is up again and I am thinking more clearly (i.e. no longer blaming Principe for everything in my head!) I am trying to organize his 12 days of Christmas.

Honestly, two days ago I was about ready to give him coal for twelve straight days. But now I see that it was the green mucus talking, not actually my heart. Thank goodness!

Now that I have established that I still love my husband despite his faults.....Let me set this up a bit for you (and for me as I need to see it written out in a place he won't look! He never reads this blog...!)

Our 12 days are going to start on the 12th. Yes, I do actually know that they start on the 24th usually, but we will be in Spain with lots of chaos and when I give lots of presents my MIL tells me I shouldn't so I just don't want to go there and try to explain to her....blah, blah, blah. Plus, I like the idea of him getting stuff right before going to work, like it shows more how much I appreciate him working hard to let me be home with the girls. You know? So the 12th is the commencement date. Here is what I have so far. Yep, you got it, there are till some things on the list I have to think of! And any suggestions would be welcome!

First day: a book he wanted.

Second day: new slippers. Boy, does he need them!

Third day: 3 new belts. He lost weight and needs new ones! Yea for him!

Fourth day: ?????? I am thinking new pics for his desk...

Fifth day: 5 specialty beers\

Sixth day: Six packs of gum

Seventh day: 7 new t-shirts I bought on sale in the States. Been hiding them!

Eight day: A new pack of razors.

Ninth day: Nine circles cut out of maps of places we have been together. Not including our own countries.

Tenth day: an album of our last ten years together.

Eleventh day: Eleven reasons we will be together for the next eleven years...although I did this for V'Day and am trying to rethink this number...

Twelfth day: a picture calendar for his work desk.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas, let me know! I will get pics soon.....

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