Over half-way there

1:11 PM

Ha, ha! My belly is as big as my butt! Or would it be the other way around? Hmmm, okay, so my butt is about 23 weeks along now.....LOL!

Just kidding. I am obviously talking about my rather large tummy. It doesn't look too large here, but believe me, it is LARGE!

This is my third pregnancy, so obviously that has something to do with it! Most of my friends here have no more than one child and all of them are super surprised at how quickly my stomach is pushing out. I'm not. I was huge with Queenie. I carry my babies on the outside.

Anyway, I started the pregnancy at about 69 kilos. Unfortunately I am already up 5 kilos. That is ten pounds to you in the States. 10 pounds! Holy COW! I need to stop eating scones.

Or maybe do some more exercise. But I have been out with a terrible cough for over a week now Exercise isn't really in the picture. At any rate, I am none too happy with my weight gain at the moment. It is just a little too much. I eat too many carbs and eat dinner way too late at night. But that is Principe's fault as he never gets home at a decent hour. Look at the time. 10pm and he still isn't home..

Baby is doing well. We don't know what it is because I want a surprise. And no we haven't even started to talk about names. But I am sure we will be bombarded with suggestions at Christmas. After all, giving opinions is what all families do best!

Due date is first week of April, which is kind of stinky because that is right around Firecracker's birthday. I am hoping to either go early or late. I am hoping I don't end up with two kids who have the same birthday! So far the pregnancy is going well, although I am a lot more tired than I was with the first two. Of course now I have two little kids and am 6 years older than I was with my first pregnancy. And while I am certainly no where near being too old to carry a child, I think it all adds up. Or at least that is what I am telling myself as I lie down for a quick nap each afternoon!

So there is your first pregnancy update. Not sure there is much else to tell! I will get more pictures going soon I hope. I had to take these myself because Principe and I have been so busy that we keep forgetting to take the!

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