December 31st

1:33 AM

The last day of 2012. What have you done, Miss Kat?

Hmmmmm. I think for most moms the year seems to go by so fast. For SAHMs I think sometimes we see time go by and wonder what we have done other than clean up vomit and make "something semi-healthy" for dinner.

Don't get me wrong: I love being a SAHM and believe that it is important to wipe the snot from our kids noses, be there when they need some reassurance and care for them when they are sick. But it is also okay to have sometime for ourselves, no? I think it is totally fine to work outside the home. In fact, sometimes I envy those women who work outside the home. A friend of mine and I were talking the other day. Both of us have husbands on the "fast track" in European/international companies, which means they change cities (or countries) every few years. Even when we do speak the language it i hard to get a job and hold it in the time that we are given in that particular place. Subsequently we have been out of the work force for several years now. And believe me, Europe isn't as forgiving about a woman out of the work force as much as the States is. There are very few part-time jobs here, no seasonal jobs that you can work around being a mom. It is just a different way of looking at work...

Which brings me back to 2012.

I'm not disappointed in what I did in 2012. How, in all reality, can I be disappointed in my job of raising two little girls and incubating another baby in my uterus? As far as successes go, I think we had quite a few as a family this year and I am a big part of that always, right?

For one Queenie calmed down in her behavior and learned how to speak clearly. No small feat.

Firecracker continued to develop her personality, got out of diapers and started school. Of course she is still two so there are still tears to brush her hair and take a bath.....

Both girls continued to learn more French.and sometimes even correct me. Little stinkers! Firecracker has entertained the entire family several times this holiday season with a carol in French. They are all tickled that she can already say things.. Queenie is too shy to show off her French, but I can attest to it being rather good.

Principe also had quite a bit of professional and personal success this year, which of course, I take partial credit in. He lost weight. And is continuing to. Professionally he is really close to moving up in the company to a position that suits him to a T. We are literally waiting for the board to approve (meaning for the union reps on the board to give no problems) and he is in. While he is trying to stay neutral in order to not be disappointed if something strange happens in his approval, he is actually super excited. And that gets me excited because there is nothing better than the man of the house loving his job. Even if he has to work long hours, the fact that he is loving it makes it easier on everyone!

I think my victory in convincing Principe to have another baby was a pretty great accomplishment. He was pretty strongly opposed to it due to so many reasons. One main reason being our lifestyle of traveling all the time, even if we just want to see family. It isn't that cheap being an expat and of course that expense increases with each child, but we compromised. 3 and we are done. Yea!

As for me personally I did not yet finish editing my first book for publication. Just didn't get done with everything going on. But it did get worked on. And it will get finished in 2013. But that aside I had a great year in which I made friends in Toulouse, learned more French, learned better how to walk in love with everyone (even my family! It is always hardest with the people closest to you!) and got a better grip on what I want to achieve in the future. Not bad.

How about you? Bet you and your family have quite a few accomplishments too!

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