Who's mama is that?

12:01 PM

I never would have recognized my mother had I been able to morph into the future fifteen years ago. The woman I knew as mother has completely changed almost EVERY idea she had upon becoming a grandmother. Seriously. Which isn't easy to deal with because of course us kids were directly influenced by all of her wacky ways whilst we were her children and we now have to face her criticism for things we are simply REPEATING from her.

For example:

My mother comes for a visit with her suitcase stacked to the hills with new clothes for my girls. She explains to me that her mother never allowed her to buy new, in style clothes and how she was always so embarrassed about that so she has decided that her grandchildren will get loads of new clothes. Just one thing though, mom, why then did I have to dress in Shopko turtlenecks and corduroy jeans?

My  mother always has a candy jar out and placed right in the middle of the bar/counter. Perfect place to not only encourage children to stand on the bar stools and lean all over the counter but to also eat their hearts out in candy all the time. Problem? So many, but the jealousy comes from the fact that growing up we never had so much as fruit snacks because they were sticky and might rot our teeth. Wha?!?

While I was growing up Keds shoes were fine for me to have gym class in. After all, who wanted to spend $50 on tennis shoes for four children? But now all her grandchildren must have well-supported shoes and chews us out if we buy them floppy sandles.

While growing up we were not allowed to get down from the table until we had finished everything on our plate. That sometimes required me to sit for another hour after everyone else had left. Her grandkids? Well, if they aren't hungry then they will eat later. And no they won't eat their leftover dinner, she will probably allow them a PBJ or sugary cereal. When I was growing up the kitchen closed at 8pm. Seriously.

My mother no longer believes in saying "no"to kids but thinks we should find a more positive way to redirect them instead. This coming from the woman who wouldn't let me to go to homecoming my freshman year with my group of girlfriends. Reason? I have yet to find out!

Ay, the list could go on. All I have to say is: I hope I have a little more consistency when I am older and a grandmother!

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