Turning 5

5:52 AM

Queenie turns five tomorrow. I remember my fifth birthday. I mother made me a carousel cake which I thought was just about the coolest thing ever. I wore a blue dress with a white collar that my grandmother had made me and celebrated with all the neighborhood kids in attendance. While I was shy was the attention, I also privately basked in it. It is the first birthday that I remember. And the last for awhile. With my birthday falling in October I was sick a lot for them, but this one, this 5th birthday I was thriving and ready to party!

Turning five seems like just about the most important thing to Queenie right now. We were in the States when her cousin turned 5 three weeks ago and ever since then Queenie has been counting down the nights until the morning that she turns 5.

Personally I love birthdays. I think they are a big deal, especially for a kid. I make sure I always make the cake (more of a "me" thing than my family, but I hate European cakes with all their fluff and cream and blah!) and I always try to decorate with something. Plus, Queenie and I always make something to take into her class.
  This year we are making butterfly sugar cookies. Yes, some are missing wings and some are a bit squished, but hey, an almost five year old made them! And once we get the yellow frosting on and squirt a big 5 in the middle, no one will even notice!

 This year we are also throwing a party for her. She hasn't had a party since she turned two when we celebrated with her cousin turning one. I am not sure she even remembers that party, but I remember the cake (do you? It was the jungle cake. I was so proud of that thing!)! I decided on a princess theme as she is a princess and is obsessed with them! Were we in the States I would have gone with Fairy as she and her sister have watched The Secret of the Wings almost everyday since we got home, but there is no fairy decorating stuff here. Besides, the colors are green and white and that just doesn't work with a girl who's favorite color is blue!:)

  So far I have made the backdrop for the mantle in the dining room: a Castle! It is about 2 feet high and I cut it out with my Pazzles! Isn't it cool? Not that I had to really use a whole lot of imagination as the cutting file was already created by someone else! I simply scaled it to the right size and glued it together. Then I scaled it down to make place cards for each child.
Not that they will really appreciate this but I am inspired to go all out in the decorating for the party. (There is one boy coming to the party, hence the blue castle!) I have princess straws and table cloth along with castle themed plates and napkins. I also bought a cupcake stand (something I have wanted for awhile) to hold the cupcakes and plan to make pink and blue swirled cupcakes (we'll see how that turns out!). Then I want to make a piñata and drape the tulle that I have left over around the fireplace and down the center of the table.

I think I am almost as excited as Queenie! But alas, we both have to wait until Sunday for all that. In the meantime, tomorrow we get to have a family celebration where she will open her present from us and eat a chocolate cake in the shape of a butterfly (her favorite at the moment, besides princesses!)

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