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If it were my turn to say what I was thankful for you would get an earful because I have a lot to be thankful for this year.

For one this is the year that I made friends here in Toulouse. I have three friends and although our ages are quite different, our incomes vary and our beliefs are a bit opposite, we all have small kids and that has bonded us together. It is so much fun to go out to a coffee shop and talk with the girls for a few hours. This is the first year since 2009 that I have had that!

I am thankful for our speech therapist! When I think about where we were at last year this time with Queenie  I shiver. The temper tantrums, the screaming, the toy throwing, the constipation and caca in a diaper (at age 4!) and the lack of communication was a nightmare! Charlotte is a GOD SEND! She has helped Queenie grow and talk and learn to communicate to the point that we now have to ask her to stop talking and let someone else have a turn! Not only that but adults understand her in every single language. Quite the turn around!

This year I got pregnant with our third child and I am grateful to Principe for finally caving and letting me have my way! Just 19 more weeks!

God has blessed us greatly financially this year and we have been able to put quite a bit away for that house that we will someday buy. My vision is to buy it in cash. No debt. And with Principe's stock market skills and the hours that he keeps we are on our way! Not that we are anywhere close to looking for houses yet....but still.....especially because we are no where near ready to settle down as the company is keeping us moving!

I am grateful for so much food and toys and cloths and a big apartment (although the stairs are really getting to me and this big belly of mine!)

Everyone is healthy including the baby in my uterus. Health is sacred.

Another year with our grandparents that are still around. We started out with 5 and we still have 5.

Pinterest. Seriously. That place makes me feel connected, you know?

And for all of you whose blogs I read and who read mine. I love catching up with you, getting advice, being thankful I am not the only one....glad to hear about other moms and their trails and joys, because without you all I think I would assume I was just making a mess of it! Now I just know that feeling is normal....!

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